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Is more than one estimate needed for a homeowner’s policy claim?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Property Damage Insurance Claims |

The process that governs a homeowner’s insurance claim generally depends on the type of coverage that someone has and the nature of the property damage in question. Although such claims are subject to Texas insurance laws, an insurance company may delay the process as much as possible or try to reduce what a homeowner receives.

Sometimes, a policyholder will need to obtain an estimate for the repairs and then submit that to their insurance provider. Oftentimes, homeowners have specific contractors or service providers that they would prefer to hire to do the work on their property. They may have hired the same company before or might have recommendations for people they trust affirming that the company offers competitive prices or excellent service. As a result, many individuals who trust the service that they’re receiving understandably wonder whether it is necessary to obtain multiple quotes before submitting a claim.

Additional quotes can be helpful

It isn’t always strictly necessary for someone to get more than one quote for the cost to repair a roof or broken windows. However, two or more quotes can help solidify the policyholder’s position and lead to a better understanding of the true cost of the project. Provided that the quotes are all relatively close in price, they can affirm that there is no kind of kickback occurring and that there is a general consensus about the extent of the repairs required.

Additional quotes can also help uncover the full extent of the damage to the property, as there is a limit to the knowledge and experience of even the most trusted contractors. There are many potential benefits to securing two or three estimates from different contractors or construction companies when a homeowner needs to repair their property.

Still, especially when a homeowner already trusts the contractor or company that provides an estimate, they may not need additional estimates unless the insurance company requires them. Knowing the process will benefit homeowners it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to pursue a homeowner’s insurance claim for property repair costs.

People who let themselves feel overwhelmed by the process may put it off, while those who are unfamiliar with their rights could make mistakes that end up costing them thousands of dollars. Understanding what to expect when pursuing a sizable homeowner’s insurance claim and working with an experienced legal professional can help to protect those who are coping with property damage.