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Hurricane Harvey of 2017, the deep freeze of 2021 and other recent disasters have had a great impact on many homeowners in Texas, attracting statewide and nationwide attention. Other disasters, such as theft, may be less publicized but can affect property owners anytime. Did a tree or trees fall on your house or commercial property during a storm, damaging the roof? Did the structure then experience water damage? Losses can come to any property owner at any time, through circumstances such as:

  • Damage to a fence, garage or another feature of your property during a storm or through any natural cause or vandalism
  • Smoke damage and other results of a fire
  • Loss of property due to theft

Our attorneys at The Loyd Law Firm, understand the frustration you likely feel if your insurer is stonewalling you as you seek benefits that you are entitled to after a fire, break-in or natural disaster. Rest assured that we have helped many homeowners in the San Antonio area and throughout Texas to overcome claim denials, underpayments and unreasonable delays.

Even If You Paid All Your Premiums On Time, Your Claim May Be Undervalued

Every property owner is naturally concerned about having the proper insurance coverage to cover potential losses, such as tornado or windstorm damage. If you are like most homeowners or commercial property owners, your lender most likely required you to keep your property fully insured throughout the duration of your mortgage. You have every right to expect your insurance company to make good on its policy terms after a fire or another disaster.

Insurance claims are not a sideline at our San Antonio-based law firm. Our team brings a wealth of talent and a strong track record of favorable outcomes. We can advocate on your behalf in negotiations with your insurer or another insurer that is responsible for compensating you for damage. If necessary, we can bring a bad faith lawsuit against an insurer that lets you down without justification.

We Can Help You Meet And Beat The Challenge

Whatever valid loss claims you have involving your home, we urge you to consult with an experienced attorney if you are having trouble with your claim.

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