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Get A Handle On Your Commercial Property Insurance Coverage

You may be about to purchase commercial property insurance, and you have wisely decided to consult with a highly experienced insurance claims attorney. This is an excellent move, and our law firm in San Antonio is a valuable source of information and insights. Our firm has an extensive litigation history on behalf of property owners. We are well-prepared to advise you on insurance law.

You may be under more urgent circumstances after your commercial property has experienced a loss event: a fire, flood, theft, act of vandalism or damage due to utility outages. Our attorneys are skilled evaluators of policies, and we can provide shortcuts for you on your path to recovery. If your insurer treats you unfairly, we can take aggressive action in support of your claim. Contact The Loyd Law Firm, from anywhere in Texas, and learn about our availability as commercial property insurance policy reviewers.

What Do Commercial Property Insurance Policies Cover?

Your commercial property insurance may reportedly cover a wide range of claims such as the following, but when a loss occurs, the insurer may find loopholes to refuse to cover certain types of damage.

  • Roof, ceiling and other major damage caused by tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms and other weather events
  • Office equipment, tools and other high-value physical items on the property
  • Business records, computers and other contents of a commercial property that store and protect account information and other key collections of vital business materials
  • Service disruptions from data hacks, government shutdowns and other occurrences out of your control
  • Maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supplies
  • Raw materials, work in progress and finished goods

An insurance policy is essentially a large contract between the insurer and the insured. Problems may arise when an insurance company refuses to honor its own policy terms regarding such losses.

What About Business Interruption Coverage?

Controversies often arise over business interruption coverage. Some insurers of commercial property build in exclusions for this type of loss. Others may seem to be purposely vague about such losses until a claim occurs; then they refuse to cover the loss. After a verifiably serious business interruption (caused by civil unrest or local government actions, for example), coverage disputes may develop. Our law firm takes insurers to task when they act in bad faith.

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