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Your Confident Advocate For Commercial Property Insurance Claims And Denials

Paying for property insurance is one way in which you can protect yourself and your business. However, insurance companies can be notoriously difficult to deal with when you need benefits from a claim. When you’re facing challenges with an insurer after filing a commercial property insurance claim, we can help.

Our attorneys at The Loyd Law Firm understand the importance of full, timely payments on the coverages stipulated in your commercial insurance policy. Not only can we help with the claims-filing process, but our firm can step in and take action if a claim is being delayed or denied in bad faith as well. With experience on both sides of the insurance industry, we know the tactics that carriers use and how to counter them.

We Can Help With A Variety Of Situations That Can Trigger A Claim

Natural disasters, weather-related issues and unforeseen events can harm a business. Not only are you left cleaning up the damages, but the business may need to be closed to ensure that repairs are safely and thoroughly completed. Our firm helps recover losses and claim payments for both property damage and business interruption due to:
  • Tornado damage
  • Storm damage (including hail and wind)
  • Hurricane damage
  • Fire damage
  • Plumbing leaks and burst pipes
  • Roof damage
  • A/C leaks
  • Water damage
  • Business interruption damages
  • Defense and indemnification

We are passionate about protecting consumer rights. Our law firm has been showcased in the news for representing Texas business owners in business interruption claims during government-mandated shutdowns.

Bad Faith Claim Denials

When an insurer denies a commercial claim, it is important to have the denial examined by an attorney. In many cases, your policy will specifically state that payment on the claim is warranted, making the denial of the claim an act of bad faith. Our firm does not back down from insurance companies who are not paying on legitimate claims made by their insureds. We work tirelessly to see that you get the money you are owed to restore your business. Our lawyers also help multi-family home property owners who have had bad faith denials of their claims.

Get Answers To Your Insurance Claim Questions

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