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Insurer Penalized for Partially Denying Claim on Hurricane Damage to Seven-Story Building. Although the insurance carrier paid $2,413,000 for some damage related to Hurricane Ike, it wrongfully denied part of Plaintiff’s claim by stating damage to the building’s windows, roof and basement were not related to the storm. After a 5-day trial, Shannon Loyd secured a $1,399,300.00 verdict. The jury found United National was knowingly in breach of contract and the Texas Insurance Code. AMJ investments LLC v. United National Insurance Co., No. 2010-37580, 269th District Court, Harris County, March 10, 2012.

Commercial Property Owner wins on Endorsement Dispute regarding Arson claim. Commercial building sustained severe damage as a result of arson and carrier denied coverage based on an endorsement that required the building to have a sprinkler system. Plaintiff sued the insurance agency for not disclosing the endorsement prior to binding the contract and after a 3-day trial, the jury awarded Plaintiff $1,155,000.00 award and found the agent violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Texas Insurance Code. Superstars LLC v. Northfield Insurance Coet al, No. 2014-53783, 281st District Court, Harris County, December 3, 2015.

Church’s Insurer Punished for Making Low Offer. A van plowed through the front doors of a church during a prayer group and caused damage to the building. In response to the Church’s claim, the carrier made a payment of $7,748.00 but did not properly address all the damage. After a 3-day trial, the jury awarded $55,000.00 and after penalties and interest were added, a judgement for $60,972.57 was entered. New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries v. Acceptance Indemnity Ins. Co., No. 2014-02315, 234th District Court, Harris County, May 8, 2015.

Insurer Penalized for Wrongfully Denying Hail Damage to Homeowner’s Tile Roof. Plaintiff’s concrete tile roof was damaged causing significant leaks throughout his home during one of two historic hailstorms that swept through San Antonio in April of 2016. The insurer inspected but denied the claim as under the deductible. Plaintiff claimed he had $82,834.00 in damages to the roof and interior. After a 7-day trial, the jury found the carrier knowingly breached the contract and violated the Texas Insurance Code and awarded $379,074.00 and after penalties and interest were added, a judgement for $424,107.99 was entered. Stephen Veale v. State Farm Lloyds,No. 2017-CI-10370, 224th District Court, Bexar County, January 30, 2019.

Veteran Homeowner that was insured with Carrier for 50+ years Wins on Wrongful Denial of Roof Claim. Plaintiffs filed a claim for hail damage to their roof and after an inspection, the insurer wrote an estimate for a full replacement of the roof for $23,368.73; however, it subsequently hired an engineer and denied the claim on the basis of vandalism and being below the deductible. After a 7-day trial, the jury found the carrier breached the contract and violated the Texas Insurance Code and awarded $142,174.80John and Sharon Kelley v. USAA, No. 19-0314-C26, 26th District Court, Williamson County, February 14, 2020.

We Fight For Policyholders At The Legislative Level

Fighting for local business owners: The San Antonio Business Journal covered our effort to help San Antonio-area business owners recover wrongfully denied insurance coverage for losses incurred during local- and state-forced shutdowns.

Seeking justice for consumers across Texas: Attorney Loyd testified against an insurance bill, C.S.H.B. No. 1774, that would limit policyholders’ ability to file property insurance claims after a hurricane or hailstorm. Watch attorney Shannon Loyd testify in court against the bill that would hurt consumers.

Testimony to TDI against arbitration in policies: Watch this video of Shannon Loyd testifying to TDI against arbitration in policies. TDI ultimately rejected the carrier’s request to add an arbitration clause to its policy. She believes in fighting for consumer rights.