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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Property Insurance And Damage Claims

Both private homeowners and owners of commercial property may suddenly face many time-sensitive decisions after a loss event. It can be hard to know where to start on the road to recovery, even with insurance in place. When insurers put up obstacles, even more questions come up. The attorneys at The Loyd Law Firm, in San Antonio, regularly answer questions for clients and potential clients, such as the following:

Q: What Types Of Losses Are Normally Covered Through Insurance Claims?

A: Policies vary, but many homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage by fire, lightening, sudden and accidental release of water or smoke, explosion, theft, vandalism, damage through riots and civil unrest, collisions of aircraft or vehicles, windstorms, hurricanes or hail. (Note: Gulf Coast properties are often only insurable through alternative means).

Commercial property insurance policies cover the costs of repairing and replacing buildings and business properties after fires, storms or other events explicitly covered under the policies. Depending on the type of policy, such events may include hail, lightning, explosions, smoke, vandalism, aircraft and vehicle crashes, civil unrest, sinkholes, leaking sprinklers or appliances, collapsing walls and other structures, falling objects; heavy ice, sleet, or snow; and, in some cases, replacement of some lost income if a business can not operate normally.

Q: If My Property Has Suffered Wind Damage Or Any Other Type Of Damage, What Should I Do Next?

A: First step is to contact your insurance company. Then take steps to prevent further damage with temporary repairs and keep receipts, but do not contract for permanent repairs before getting authorization from your insurance company. Check out our article “A Policyholder’s Guide to the Insurance Claim Process” and call us for a free consultation if you have trouble getting your claim paid.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Get An Accurate Assessment Of The Scope Of The Damage?

A: Get more than one estimate. Work with reliable companies. For greater reassurance, ask an insurance claims attorney for guidance after a loss event and throughout the recovery process.

Q: Why Hire Us?

A: Our attorneys are trial tested and proven and have had great success against the biggest and most respected insurance carriers.

How Can I Get Answers To My Specific Questions?

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